Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bollywood Shahrukh Khan Launches Chennai Express Game |online-movie-hungama

Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan Launches 
Chennai Express Game gallery

Shah Rukh Khan Launched an Official Game before the Release of this film Chennai Express.He made the event exciting by challenging director Rohit Shetty for a match.
Shah Rukh Khan showed off his gaming skills as he challenged shetty to complete with him in the game chennai express escape from Rameshwaram.He says to capture a movie
in a game format is one of the most difficult and creativity challenging things to do.

                 Developed by Disney UTV's Digital arm, the game has so far been launched on feature phones and Android the game, the player takes on the role of Rahul(Shah Rukh Khan character in the movie) and embarks upon an exciting & colorful running adventure, where he fights his way through an army of thugs fromchennai while dodging obstacles like trucks,buses,cars,coconut carts,manholes and more.

              All three versions of the game are based in the picturesque town of Rameshwaram. As a special bonus, users can unlock a special Deepika Padukone avtar, by collecting more than 10,000 coins in a single game session.Deepika is the lead heroine in Chennai Express which is co produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Red Chillies Entertainment.

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